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Global Risk Mapping Platform
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The Lynx Mapping
Platform for Security
Track and Trace IOT, GPS
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Social License to Operate for Mining
First-in-class tools for analyzing
community grievance and improving
stakeholder relations + ESG map

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our clients choose lynx because they require intelligence about ever-changing international risks and opportunities - a combination of big data visualization technology and human analysis allows lynx to provide rapid, customized insight for our partners, anywhere in the world


Real-Time, Location-Based Risk Mapping Services For Extractive Finance and Security

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LGI provides services to support the diplomatic, development and humanitarian communities.

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LGI provides bespoke consulting and advisory services to keep people and property safe around the world.

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  • In the Shadow of COVID-19: New Risks and Vulnerabilities Revealed by the Global Pandemic

    By Trevor Jones and Michael Moran   More than a month into a global lock down, most people not yet afflicted by COVID-19 have adjusted to a new routine, ordained from above with strict restrictions on movement and work outside the home and with no certain end date. Such massive disruption carries many uncertainties, but

    April 25, 2020
  • Grievances at Extractive Locations

    Lynx Fellow John Milton   Since the late stone age, humans have understood that certain metals could greatly improve their quality of life as the earliest evidence of mining dates back to around 41,000 – 43,000 years ago.  Our own necessities surrounding mining are not the same as our prehistoric ancestors, however our quality of

    April 21, 2020
  • Covid-19’s Impact on a Vital Industry: International Shipping

    Lynx Fellow John Milton   Covid-19’s effect on economics has been a constant component of news and media for months.  While mainstream media tends to focus on the strain suffered by small businesses and on workers, a significant component of global supply chains has been repeatedly absent.  Most manufactured goods we encounter and the fuel

    April 13, 2020
  • Misinformation During Pandemic

    Lynx Fellow John Milton   With a history of covering up viruses and silencing whistleblowers, it is not unreasonable to view Chinese data concerning Covid-19 with a fair amount of skepticism.  In spite of this, some reports coming from China are being viewed as credible by some sources. Business Insider reports that Chinese Covid-19 statistics

    April 8, 2020