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our clients choose lynx because they require intelligence about ever-changing international risks and opportunities - a combination of big data visualization technology and human analysis allows lynx to provide rapid, customized insight for our partners, anywhere in the world


Real-Time, Location-Based Risk Mapping Services For Extractive Finance and Security

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LGI provides services to support the diplomatic, development and humanitarian communities.

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LGI provides bespoke consulting and advisory services to keep people and property safe around the world.

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  • Putin and Russia Will Not Play Fair During COVID-19

    Lynx Guest Blogger Kevin Altman Having arrived at the greatest geopolitical and economic crisis since World War II, every nation is bracing for the full impact of Covid-19. Billions of people in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and as of last week, South Asia and South America are in lock-down with nations

    March 30, 2020
  • Covid-19’s Effect on Global Economics:  Small Firms at Risk

    Lynx Fellow John Milton   There has been no shortage of news concerning Covid-19’s (Coronavirus) effect on global trade.  Stocks are in decline, and federal and local governments are asking for nonessential parts of the economy to suspend operations.  This should not be surprising as global crises, such as pandemics, have often had a similar

    March 26, 2020
  • Noted Policy Analyst and CEO Michael Moran Joins Lynx Global Intelligence as Senior Advisor

    DENVER, June 3 – Lynx Global Intelligence, the geospatial risk and consultancy enterprise, has named noted risk analyst, author and multimedia strategist Michael Moran as a Senior Advisor. The company boasts an innovative data-mapping platform and targeted consulting services, and expect the addition of Moran’s specialized counsel to enhance Lynx’ services and increase their book

    June 3, 2019