Danielle Bizier-Grimes

Danielle Bizier-Grimes brings more than 18 years of global intelligence and security experience to the Lynx team. A passionate storyteller and seasoned public and private sector instructor and public speaker, she brings broad subject matter expertise in corporate Competitive Intelligence collection and analysis, technology market and trend analysis, IP protection,  strategic communications, and security awareness training. Her particular focus is on the Asia Pacific region with an eye on its strategic political and business nexus to the rest of the world.

Prior to joining the Lynx team, Danielle served in the US Government working as a Counterintelligence specialist­— analyzing foreign policy and counterintelligence threats posed by Foreign Intelligence and Security Services and Foreign Terrorist Organizations. She then provided strategic consulting services  and risk management strategies to Fortune 500 companies operating in China and beyond. Danielle also served as the Desk Officer for China and Taiwan in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, overseeing the US-China military to military exchange program, participated in several iterations of Combatant Command level military exercises as part of both white and red cells, and has extensive media experience providing insights on these subjects.