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What if all of your organization’s risk data was inside one easy-to-use platform?

your risk. mapped.

The Lynx Risk Mapping Platform helps Chief Risk Officers and analysts measure risk to people, planet and profit on the ground. Now organizations can communicate about risk and mitigate it before continuity disruptions. Partners also use the platform to communicate stakeholder engagement or ESG conditions. Lynx collects data from a wide variety of sources, including open source databases, conventional media, social media and more, and merges it into a real-time visual risk platform.

Lynx is active on three continents in security, finance, energy, mining and supply chain/logistics. Chief Risk Officers find value in the platform’s ability to present risk landscapes and related social sentiment and media. Chief Investment Officers and those working with an ESG mandate find utility in the Lynx Mapping Platform’s ability to express risks to people, planet and profit in one dedicated location.

The quantity of map-able data expands every day, and harnessing data for decision-making has become critical for organizations of all sizes.

Simultaneously, the scope of global risk has also expanded, creating a need for monitoring tools to assess conditions in challenging operating environments. The expanding nature of both data and business risks requires a tool that aggregates risk data in one place.

Unlike clunky business intelligence tools, or expensive legacy risk providers that deliver spreadsheets and repetitive PDF’s, the Lynx Mapping Platform is calibrated to precise customer needs during on-boarding for a flat fee. Organizations can scale both users and data requirements  based on elastic requirements at the time, and ingest a wide range of data sources from internal or external sources.



mapping technology

The Lynx Risk Mapping Platform runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing for an incredible number of data and platform integrations. This allows Lynx to smoothly integrate with your company’s existing infrastructure, all in the cloud. AWS is a secure and reliable environment – for customers with advanced data science needs, Lynx integrates a variety of statistical processes underneath the map layer, allowing for rapid ingestion and processing of static and real-time datasets.


ESG Data – Environmental Risk Data Visualization

Critical Infrastructure Risk – Terrorism and Oil Pipelines



Human Insight with Advanced Data Mapping

Lynx Global Intelligence is at the crossroads of consulting and technology. Lynx boasts a staff of international regional experts with decades of combined intelligence community, academic, and private sector experience that consult alongside Lynx’s mapping technology, allowing for timely and quality decision making.


Machine Learning for Visualizing Data

Lynx visualization services are built around  machine learning capabilities that rapidly geolocate keywords and trends scraped from a variety of sources, including social media and news sources. This data is then visualized geographically for decision makers  through Lynx’s mapping platform. This is particularly useful for clients with social license to operate or reputational risk.

With decades of combined experience in both government and the private sector, the Lynx team paints a contextual picture around massive amounts of risk data and maps it for actionable intelligence that you can rely on.

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LYNX Human Security Supply Chains White Paper

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