Lynx Global Intelligence (LGI) is the premier provider of the ground truth. Lynx assists clients in understanding the ecosystem in which you are conducting business or security operations.

LGI provides global intelligence analysis, data tools and subject-matter expertise to government, corporate and academic partners to recognize global risks while illuminating opportunities. LGI is focused on Intelligence for Good – a net positive impact on business is the that crossing the spectrum from global trade immersion, human beings and the environment. Protecting people, planet, and profit ensures our partners preserve their reputation, secure their assets, increase their market share, and increase clarity.

Lynx Fellows publish content like blogs and white-papers, travel to conferences, work on high-level issues with former heads of state and CEO’s and most importantly, have a lot of say around our operation. At Lynx we believe great ideas come from anywhere, so we maintain a culture where new ideas are encouraged and cultivated.

Lynx Fellows are graduate students that come from a wide variety of backgrounds: international studies, business, computer and data science, social sciences and climate sciences, to name a few. We look for self-starters: individuals who can take broad goals, plan to get there, and execute. If that sounds highly independent, it is. We are not a large firm with pending paperwork pushing, we are a dynamic, agile start-up where the sky is the limit, and you get out what you put in.


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Every career with Lynx Global Intelligence is satisfying and provides real-world experience in global trade, security and intelligence projects. A career with LGI consists of social good projects, international involvement, contact with global experts and continual growth and development. Feed your creativity – join Lynx today!

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