Our Work

As we think about our families and livelihoods during this time of increased global stress, I pause to reflect on our work at Lynx Global Intelligence and what it means in the new world we are now living in.

6 weeks ago, we were committed to looking at the kinds of risks that evolve over the course of time: political, social and environmental factors that cause continuity issues for communities, companies and the planet. Few analysts saw COVID-19 coming, and almost everyone, even those of us in the risk industry are adapting rapidly to a new way of life and doing business.

I personally hope this crisis has provided space for reflection and togetherness and that your colleagues and family are safe and well.

I’d like to compliment and commend our member-managers, advisors and fellows at Lynx, who have remained unflinchingly committed to our mission.

Lynx Global Intelligence is responding to this crisis by offering a free COVID-19 Track and Trace account to any company or researcher who wants to explore virus spread dynamics, in addition to a number of pre-set social data keywords. You can email me directly at [email protected] for login credentials, along with any specific mapping or analysis questions related to your industry/vertical.

Broadly speaking, three global dynamics will inform our work moving forward.

  • First, visualizing data about supply chains will be crucial to understand a variety of factors; not least of which is the unreliable information that comes from China and its investment activities. In particular, the One Belt, One Road initiative carried out across Eurasia and Africa provides unique human security and environmental risks.

  • The second global dynamic that will shift our focus is the new security landscape. The economic and subsequent security impacts of mass unemployment due to the pandemic are yet unseen. Some analysts predict a lessening of war, conflict, and social unrest due to mandated social distancing, while some foresee an increase as supply chains are strained and populations experience the strain of lockdown.

  • Finally, our work with ESG metrics and our partnerships around the SDG’s prompt us to monitor and report on the most vulnerable populations in the world. Developing economies and states where governance suffers are most vulnerable and as with any crisis, there will be vast risks, as well as opportunities to help, that emerge.

Our mission is to help our clients see the world more clearly. Understanding global connectivity and the risks it provides is paramount. At Lynx we appreciate your continued interest and involvement in our community at a very sensitive moment for small businesses around the country. Thank you and be safe.


Trevor Jones

Founder and CEO

Lynx Global Intelligence