Anthony Riddle

Anthony has eight years of combined experience serving in United States Coast Guard as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist and working in research functions. During his enlistment, Anthony provided emergency search and rescue, was deployed to Manama, Bahrain with the U.S. Navy’s 5thFleet during the Arab Spring, and served at the USCG’s Maritime Force Protection unit in Bangor, Washington. By the end of his service he was a qualified Boarding Officer and unit Law Enforcement Instructor with the responsibility of providing Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection for naval assets during transit. After receiving an honorable discharge, Anthony graduated with distinction from Gonzaga University with his Bachelor of Arts in International Relations-Asian Studies. He is currently completing his Master of Arts in International Security with concentrations in Panning, Intelligence, and Analysis as well as Comparative National Security Policy. Prior to joining Lynx Global Intelligence, Anthony worked as a Research Assistant for the Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures and as a Research Intern for the Army Chief of Staff’s Strategic Studies Group where his research explored technology’s influence on corporate and military organizations. Anthony is proficient in Mandarin Chinese: speaking, reading, and writing.