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Lynx offers a unique Digital Mapping Platform to assist decision makers analyze risk internally and express opportunity to outside stakeholders.  Our risk mapping software helps business, government, and institutions communicate about risk and make decisions quickly to mitigate it. Partners also use the platform to express current impact or future growth around de-risked opportunities, like blended finance investments. Lynx collects data from a wide variety of sources, including open source databases, conventional media, social media and more, and merges it into a visual risk and opportunity platform, in real-time.

Human Insight in Combination with Advanced Data Mapping

Lynx Global Intelligence is at the crossroads of consulting and technology. Lynx boast a staff of international regional experts with decades of combined intelligence community, academic, and private sector experience that interpret Lynx’s mapping technology, allowing timely and quality decisions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Lynx visualization services can be built around advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to interpret data. Machine learning and artificial intelligence learns when and how emergent trends lead to terrorist attacks, social unrest, or supply chain disruption. This data is then visualized geographically for decision makers  through Lynx’s mapping platform.

With decades of combined experience in both government and the private sector, the Lynx team paints a contextual picture around massive amounts of risk data and map it for actionable intelligence that you can rely on.

Risk and Opportunity Visualization

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