Risk and Opportunity Visualization


Mapping Technology

Lynx offers  unique mapping solutions to help decision makers navigate risk.  Mapping helps NGO’s, businesses and governments to communicate and make decisions quickly. Lynx collects data from open source databanks, media, social media, and internal company data. Once collected, this data is displayed on our specialized mapping software allowing you to visualize risk and opportunity in realtime.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Lynx visualization services provides advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to interpret data. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive this process opens innovative doors. Machine learning and artificial intelligence begins to learn when and how emergent trends lead to terrorist attacks, social unrest, or supply chain disruption. This data is then visualized geographically through Lynx’s mapping software.

Advanced Data Mapping and Human Insight

Lynx Global Intelligence sits at the crossroads of consulting and technology. Lynx boast a staff of seasoned professionals that assist decision makers in interpreting Lynx’s mapping technology and in making quality decisions.

With decades of combined experience in both government and the private sector, The Lynx team can take massive amounts of data and whittle it down into actionable intelligence that you can rely on.

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