Global Trade & Commerce

The multinationals face emerging risks that have not been integrated into traditional risk management practices. Lynx identifies comprehensive sets of risk and aids our clients in setting priorities around active mitigation strategies.


  • Political Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy Development
  • Reputation Risk Services
  • Human and Cultural Security Assessment
  • Environmental Assessment, Green Security and Clean Technology Consulting

Trade Facilitation:

  • Economic Impact Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Logistic Security
  • Market Immersion

Global Trade Intelligence

LGI provides connectivity between global suppliers, distributors and logistic planning. Whether sourcing, facilitating access to decision-makers abroad, arranging market immersion or managing global projects, Lynx provides rapid results.

Managers and executives feel information about international environments is limited when making important decisions. The little information that is readily available is heavily skewed by the 24-hour news media, political expediency or ingrained misperceptions.  Proactive strategies to decrease physical, economic, environmental or brand exposure to risk are implemented. Lynx Global Intelligence provides discretion, confidentiality and innovation to reach sustainable solutions for the long-term.

Our analysis recipe relies on recently developed intelligence techniques that harness the power of big data and global connectedness. Using methods like Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), Lynx Global Intelligence provides the risk landscape in real time. Lynx provides Ground Truth analysis so managers can mitigate risk and illuminate opportunity. Our world is complex and changing rapidly; LGI is uniquely situated to assist partners is achieving their goals. Contact Lynx today to discover Intelligence for Good.

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