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In regions and markets where stability has created conditions for growth, Lynx aids our clients in maximizing their global trade strategies. Emerging markets provide vast commercial opportunity and Lynx will team up with you to identify safety concerns and map where relevant risk resides.


Creative strategies that positively impact our world are no longer out of reach. Firms no longer have to choose exclusively between profitability and social and environmental responsibility. Oftentimes solutions can include both. Lynx is focused on balancing solutions so clients are able to leave a net positive impact on security, business growth, human beings, society, and the natural environment.


Reducing risk by creating convergences for our clients, our trade partners, and Lynx is something we are proud to carry out in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Lynx is dedicated to creating tools and processes that make the world a safer, more productive place. We look forward to speaking with you soon and scheduling a demo of our risk mapping software and discussing your project in more detail.

Executive Decision
Making & Strategy

Consulting to create strategy in complex environments.

Expert Information
Systems - Mapping & Machine Learning

Quickly visualize big data around risk and threat.

Financial Services

Ensuring continuity in emerging markets.

Travel, Air, Maritime
& Logistics

Protecting global infrastructure.

Security and Defense

Enhancing national security and first responder infrastructure.

International Development

Assessing impact on the ground in complex environments.

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