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LGI is focused on leaving a net positive impact on security, business growth, human beings and the natural environment. Protecting people, planet and profit ensures our partners preserve their reputation, market share and growth. Risks are no longer discrete, and the complexity of challenges affecting supply chains, for example, have expanded to include concepts like water security. Protecting people and the planet, in addition to profit, aligns interests in ways that prove beneficial for both returns and reputation. Creative strategies to positively impact our world are no longer out of reach. Firms no longer have to choose between profitability and responsibility. Oftentimes our solutions augment both.

It all starts with security. When human beings are safe, they thrive. Assisting our national security partners includes helping understand the drivers of conflict, so it can be avoided altogether. When it cannot, Lynx will be there to not only identify threats to our warfighters, but to assist with their many tasks, to include Phase 0 operations and humanitarian activities.

In regions and markets where stability has created conditions for growth, Lynx aids our partners in maximizing their global trade strategies. Emerging markets provide vast commercial opportunity, while positively impacting societies and the environment. Reducing risk by creating convergences for our trade partners is something we are proud to carry out in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Lynx is dedicated to creating tools and processes that make the world a safer, more productive place. We look forward to hearing from you.

Executive Decision

Consulting to create strategy in complex environments.

Expert Information

Quickly visualize big data around risk and threat.

Energy, Environment &

Protect profit, people and planet.

Travel, Air, Maritime
& Logistics

Protecting global infrastructure.

Financial Services

Ensuring continuity in emerging markets.


Enhancing national security and first responder infrastructure.

Food and Beverage


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