Company overview

Intelligence. Empathy. Truth. Agility.

Lynx Global Intelligence (LGI) is a risk advisory group and consulting firm engaged in providing Ground Truth analysis and helping clients consider the entire ecosystem in which they are operating. LGI helps partners ensure organizational and project continuity in a rapidly changing world. The public and private sectors now face complex political, economic, social and technological challenges. LGI works to mitigate these risks and illuminate opportunity for our partners.

Lynx provides research, advisory and robust assessment tools in:

  • Intelligence and Defense
  • Global Trade and Commerce
  • Big Data Threat and Risk Visualization

Lynx was founded on the idea that robust advice depends on understanding the big picture by using the ground truth: conditions that may negatively affect business or security. These conditions are uncovered using a variety of proven and emergent tools. When paired with big data visualizations around real-time ground truth intelligence, our partners are able to protect their bottom-line, their people, and the planet.

Our mission

  • Provide ground truth conditions to our clients
  • Create active strategies to mitigate risk and promote growth
  • Use cutting-edge data visualizations to support these strategies
  • Create partnerships that help to not only protect growth, but human beings and the environment, as well

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