Lynx Update 2019 – Happy New Year!

We live in an increasingly complex world. Politics, markets, the climate and technology are interacting in ways that are difficult to keep up with, much less measure in meaningful ways. At Lynx, we are working to find linkages between these global forces, so we can help our partners see what the future holds for them, and plan for it accordingly.

Practically, what does that mean for decision-makers?

It means understanding that traditional methods of analysis are no longer sufficient.

It means realizing we are hurtling toward a world where clarity will come from distilling a meaningful signal from an overwhelming amount of noise.

It means thinking of new risks as potential new opportunities.

We don’t have to look far to see the risks that are coming to disrupt business continuity. Increasing nationalism and identity-driven politics, climate change, water and food security issues, migration and the social tension it produces: all of these factors and many more will combine to create a risk landscape that is unpredictable.

Legacy providers and map makers in the risk field are ill-prepared to tackle these broader challenges. Lynx is using technology to find new methods that are scalable, granular and predictive. “Country-risk” teams are on the way out, bespoke analysis that drills-down to granular issues will be necessary moving forward.

The age of achieving insight from mixed human and machine methods is upon us. Lynx helps our partners craft their own data into something they can hold. When decision-makers can see their risk landscape visually as a map, they cut out the noise and find the signal.

And when this signal emerges, it becomes a powerful tool: to express the conditions for peace, security, economic growth and human and environmental sustainability. The map can help investors become more comfortable in engaging with emerging markets, or provide a granular risk picture for those companies who already have.

We are working every day to make the Lynx Mapping Platform an elegant expression of our partner’s internal data, external data, and new collection sources. Lynx is tackling challenges ranging from foreign influence in democracies, to climate security and food security.

We couldn’t do what we do without our partners, Spire Strategy in Zurich, Switzerland and The Concordia Summit in New York City.

And to back our mission up, we have a deep bench of advisors who have come to Lynx from the private sector, international development and intelligence communities. These individuals have worked on the ground in some of the world’s most austere environments, know the unpredictable nature of risk, and that large teams need to work together to solve big challenges.

Lynx continues to uncover global opportunities and mitigate risks for our partners. As nationalist feelings and populist leaders continue to trend in the international sphere, risks for businesses and threats to government are on the rise.

New opportunities have presented themselves, as well. The recent mainstreaming of the blended finance and impact investing sector has presented new challenges to tackle in the international risk arena. The good news is that, increasingly, actors are willing to put their money where their mouth is to create social and climate impact.

But there is so much work to be done; most of the commercial financial apparatus is not ready to analyze impact and risk in emerging markets with any measure of accuracy.

If finance, the development community, technology and local actors can effectively team up and realize blended finance’s dream of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), the world will see a major positive shift for humans and the climate, alike.

In 2018, Lynx was on the ground in Mexico, Colombia, France, Switzerland and more. Our technology advanced from a mapping tool, to a platform that helps decision-makers and analysts make better strategic decisions. By doing so, we hope to make the world a safer, happier and healthier place for people everywhere.

If that seems like lofty language, it is. But we now know that national governments and international institutions can only do so much. The private sector must step up to fill the gaps. That’s where our motto comes in: intelligence for good.

2018 was all about solidifying our product and its value. 2019 is going to be a road-show, educating our future partners online and in-person about how they can view their data in an interactive mapping environment to achieve better strategic outcomes.

From the Lynx team: we hope 2019 brings health and wealth to you and yours in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

Trevor Jones

CEO Lynx Global Intelligence