Lynx Spring Update 2018

Friends and Colleagues –

It has been too long since our last update about happenings here at Lynx Global Intelligence. We are growing and taking on new projects this year, and we couldn’t be more excited to expand!

Lynx operates at a distinct crossroads between technology and consulting. We often don’t provide one without the other, because of the increasing role that tech plays in our decision-making lives. As a recent issue of The Economist put it: “In this (consulting) race, consultancies with expertise in data and technology are even getter placed than those that focus on general strategy.”

There are lots of firms that can clients help map data, or provide risk consultation. But both capabilities under one roof is a powerful combination at Lynx. Our subject-matter experts have been working worldwide, often in the US intelligence community, for decades. Their dedication to helping our clients, at any hour wherever they are in the world, is one of our strongest assets.

Our risk platform development team is hard at work crafting customized solutions for businesses that range from the energy sector, to travel risk, to the financial sector. In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, our app streams information about everything from terrorism and climate risk, to financial and regulatory risks. The resulting maps are highly detailed, easy to read, and help synthesize vast amounts of information for an easier decision-making process.

We live during an exciting time. Lynx is excited to propel the risk mitigation space by creating technology that will help to analyze the world’s most challenging issues. Have a great week!

Trevor C. Jones – Lynx Global Intelligence CEO – April 2018