Lynx To Begin Testing New Big Data Tool

Lynx Global Intelligence (LGI), a Colorado based provider of risk and trade consulting announced today a partnership to expand into the real-time risk computing space. The company, which prides itself on working with both the public and private sectors to enhance security and trade, has partnered with Galactic Exchange, who makes the use of complex technology accessible for everyone.

“We are thrilled to partner with Galactic Exchange and deliver a threat dashboard to those concerned about emergent risks to their operations abroad”, says co-founder of Lynx Global Intelligence, Trevor Jones. “Their passion and dedication to creating robust big data visualizations is already well-known. It’s an honor to be able to work alongside their team to address global challenges by helping decision makers thrive.”

LGI has provided consulting to supply chain mangers, risk officers and the national security community since 2016. The company revealed that Lynx has already integrated Galactic Exchanges powerful data ingestion tools as of June of this year. LGI is committed to creating partnerships with firms across the US, while bringing fresh ideas and new positions in emerging fields to Denver, CO. The dashboard integrates new tools like social sentiment analysis and natural language processing to understand how underlying conditions create social unrest and terrorism.

Rob Mustarde, CEO of Galactic Exchange had this to say, “We are delighted to partner with Lynx Global Intelligence and look forward to crafting a product that helps mitigate risk across a wide array of categories. Lynx and Galactic Exchange translate the vast power of big data, artificial intelligence and deep learning into actionable outcomes, and present the analysis and finding on custom dashboards designed to be reviewed by non-IT business people”.

To learn more about the partnership or for a live demo of the new dashboard please submit an inquiry via our contact page.