Lynx Seeking New Partners For 2017

Lynx Global Intelligence is a consulting firm operating in the international trade and security/intelligence sectors. Founded in early 2016, Lynx has completed contracts in Africa and Latin America and offers bespoke research and consulting services. Lynx helps organizations analyze international political conditions and risks to operations, while highlighting market opportunities. The firm works with a range of private and public sector clients, ranging in size from craft breweries in Colorado to the United States federal government.

Lynx is dedicated to facilitating opportunities for Colorado businesses, and ensuring the viability and continuity of international projects. Lynx also realizes that collaboration and long-term partnerships are key to solving the globe’s toughest challenges, and is eagerly searching for new partners around the state.

Some of Lynx’s activities include:

  • Helping clients to expand solar power operations in Latin America, and mobile communication technology in the Caribbean
  • Consulting around various infrastructure projects in East Africa, as well as augmenting smallholder farmer capacity in Tanzania through technology-scaling.
  • Consulting around conflict in Nigeria to mitigate risks to large-scale infrastructure projects.
  • Helping CO beverage businesses export to markets like Chile and Japan.

The above is small sample of activities Lynx is engaged in. If your organization is looking to augment international growth, continuity or safety, please feel free to get in touch with Lynx today at or